Here you will find anything I know about Kitsuke


  A – awase – lined  H – hitoe – without lining U – usumono – summer weave
 R/S = ro/sha  R/C = rinzu /chirimen  S – for summer  Y – all year around


Spring Summer Autumn Winter


Month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Kimono A  A A A  H  U U  U H A A A
Obi A A A A H U U  U H A A A
Juban A  A A  A H  U  U U  U H  A  A
Obiage  R/C R/C R/C  R/C R/C  R/S  R/S R/S R/S R/C  R/C R/C
Obijime Y Y Y Y Y S S S S Y Y Y
Jackets  A A  A  H U U  U U  U  H  A A

Note: This Calendar is not totally accurate. I simplified it for a the website. The borders are overlapping. And these are the Tea Ceremony Calendar rules, which are quite strict . For personal use, I take it a advice, but depending on the temperature outside adjust my choice.