New Items No. 22

I got a few new things in the mail last week. Four obi, two fabric bolts and one kimono.
First the four obi, it is two Nagoya Obi(left side) and two fukuro obi(right side).

sou20150701e 012 DSC09253klsou20150706i 034DSC09236kl

The black Nagoya obi embroidery was quite torn when I got it. I tried my best to restore it and I think I did a quite good job on it. You can see the threads I used don’t have the same color but they are pretty close . The pictures show before and after

The two fabric bolts are one pinkish iromuji and the other is the white lining. And the Kimono is a light blue hitoe komon. It will look great with my bright red obis.

r20150916e 325


New Items No. 20

And here they are. The new things I orderd in the last months and which finally came. First my new striped hakama. It a umanori hakama , which means that the legs a separated. Not, like the  ebaysou20150605a 061  andon type, which is like a skirt. The striped pattern for hakama means it is a more formal type. I bought it for Iaido to wear with montsuki. When I judge I will have to wear it. So now after passing my yondan, I will have judge at taikai. I’m quite happy with it. even so it is a bit to wide for me, but that I can change.DSC08598

Second it a obi I saw, and thought: “must have, must have, ….” And well here it is. It is really nice and I love it. Just lovely.

Third iDSC_0332s a bag I bought. It is off pink and it is not as small as the other ones I have. It is really nice. It looks brand new.

Fourth is a haori, which seems a bit small , but the color is nice. A shibori silk one. And because there was enough fabric  left in the seems i could make it long enough for my arms.  $_57b

Bonsai Days

Two weeks ago there was a Bonsai Show in Hannover, which was supported by the local DSC09011 DSC09010Japanese community. So I thought, let’s dress up and go there and have some fun. Well, it was nice, but way smaller than I thought. It was just the local Bonsai Club showing there, really nice, but only a few, bosai. Some otaiko guys were make music in a place, to small for such loud instruments. Never mind, for the next time I know better. My boyfriend warned me.
For my out fit. I went with my blue, gray momiji komon with a violett striped obi. To brighten it up I used a light green a pink obiage.

German Iaido Championship and a dinner


Last weekend we had our german championship in iaido.  It was quite fun and my Club won a lot of prices. My boyfriend couldn’t take part because our cat Momo had medical treatment that needed attention all Day.
For me, I won two medals. One for the third place in my Level and one for the third place in the Team competiton.
In the evening we all went out and I had the great idea to Dress up in kimono. I had to speed up, I had Only 30min time.  In the whole it turned out pretty okay. The collar did not stay the way I would liked to…But well…
The kimono is the new dark blue sakura one I bought from a IG member and the obi is new too. White with peonie and some other flowers.
The evening was nice.


DSC08608It is blooming. Ohh who pretty they are. I’m so happy that they are the white ones. It feels good to have some spring in the living room- So far the weather was really nice and the temperatures have gone up. But the weather forecast did say, from tomorrow on, it will be cold and rainy again. I hope it will be warm soon again.


Cherry Tree Branch

DSC08594Last week I bought a branch of a cherry tree in the hope , that soon there will be some nice cherry blossoms in our flat brightening up the atmosphere. And see its starting ! Its already green. Oh, I’m looking so forward to it. The weather today is really nice and it looks like the winter is gone now. The birds sing and there is the warmth of the sun coming back slowly.

At the meantime I learn for java coding exam and sew a bit at my haori. Some more days and that will be finished.
Yesterday we were in Hamburg and I was voted as vice president of our north German iaido association. I’m very proud.

I did it, I moved my blog completely

After some weeks, I finaly can say, I moved my complete blog to wordpress. It took me some time and sweat, because I had to copy every single entry an save all the pictures and upload them again. For 9 years I had my blog at overblog but now they change there concept so I coudn’t organize the things anymore the way I wanted to.

So here we go. WordPress is my new home.

New items No. 12 and Mangas

As you know I’m a manga-fan and I have a already a nice collection, but now my highlight is complete. I do love the mangaka group CLAMP a lot, hm not just a lot they are my favorite. When DSC06172I was in Japan I started to collect the collector’s edition of Tsubasa Resavoir Chronicle. They are twice the size as the normal manga, hard cover, slipcase and the cover of the normal manga as postcard. As you can imagine they are not quite cheap. If you buy them new, the cost 1190yen, which is around 12€. For European rates that would be quite cheap, but you will never get these here any way. I found them in Germany in a Japanese bookstore for over 20€. I didn’t buy them there. I bought them in the used bookstore “book off” in japan. They cost around half of the price there, round 600-800yen. During my stay in Japan I wasn’t able to get all of them, because it was still running and not all manga were published yet. After 3 year now a friend of my, a manga fan like DSC_0007me, is just staying over there and did me the favor to search for the missing pieces. Actually 12 of 28 I still needed. I never thought she would find all of them, but she did and on top of that she found a way to transport them here without extra costs. Her boyfriend took them with him and today I got them. I’m so happy !!! Thanks a lot Vivi !!!!

And I got a new Obijime in a nice bright orange. Isn’t it lovely?

summary of the last weeks

I had some stressful weeks behind me. Not that you’d think it would have to do anything with my master thesis. It was all Iaido and Jodo. Well, and a bit of Kimono in between.
First of all, there was a Iaido Seminar in Hamburg with Momiyama Sensei. Than I went to the Netherlands to attend a Shinkageryu Seminar. The Weekend after I went to Brussels for the Jodo-European Championship, just to stay there and make a week sightseeing vacation there. The Weekend after I came back there was a Iaido-Jodo-Seminar in Braunschweig with Yoshimura und René van Ammersfort. Than I had on Wednesday a meeting with Marina to dress her in my Kimono, of course I dressed myself in Kimono as well. It was for some artist, they made an interview with her, too (cherry blossem princess stuff) and than I drove to my parent to see them, before they got on holidays for a week. And this week I going again to Wismar to have an eye on the cat of my parents.
From tomorrow on I will post everyday( or every second day) something to the single events. This is just for you to know what will come.