New Items No. 26

I know I have been absent for a long long time. The reason is always learning. The last semester I had a lot of work to do and until now I had to learn for the exams. And soon the next semester will start, too. That semester will be a lot of work as well. Slowly I’m close to the end and have to care of my bachelor thesis and where I want to work.

But I have been buying things. Not wearing much but buying always works. I got my self two new kimnono.. actually three, but one is just on the way. The yellow one is homoungi with camelia and fans. The dark one is made of oshima tsumgi, that is special weave type which can be quite expentive. It has flowers and leaves all over and look a bit like denim when you come closer. I wanted to add some more dark colors in to my kimono collection, because I have so many light colored obi and to many light colored kimono. I do like it when the obi stands out from the kimono.

I got myself a pair of light brown wood. I have three pairs of black and I always was looking for the light version. I replaced the straps with newer ones.

I got some new obijime,too. In the first pictures you see 4, they are not woven , they are sewing and filled with cotton. They are worn mostly by brides or by children (two of these are for children) nowadays but lately they are getting a revival.  And yes I got the same obijime three times just in different colors. Accidentally… I thought more people would bid. These are brand new, even came in a box and they have my zodiac on them, the tiger. The last one I just liked the colors. 🙂

And some obi. A beautiful dark blue one with flutes , plum, pine and bamboo on it. I love how the gold stands out from the blue. The purple one is for and Manga inspired look I’m currently working on. But that will take… more time. I’m just in the process of sewing it partly together and than I will start painting.

That’s it for the moment. When I pictures from the event I will post them here. But until than I will have to wait.


New Items Nr.25 and Kitsuke challenge Nr.3 + 4

dsc00338klBeginning today with the two kitsuke challenge from last week ( Nr.38) and this week.(nr. 39) dsc00339klthese are the third and fourth week in a row. First we have this brand new cream colored synthetic hitoe komon, which just arrived in that week. It was still warm enough to wear hitoe. I choose the blue nagoya obi with falling momij. For the obiage I choose a pink chirimen with and dark red to light red gradation obijime. I would have liked the blue haneri a bit more bold in color, but I don’t have one.  The fabric of the kimono is quite thin and the pink juban I used is shining thru. I have to take that into account next time I use that komon.

For this week I wanted to use my only tomesode I have. I made it myself and love it. As for the dsc00458kl dsc00459klthe obi, I choose a very bold silver gold one. This fukuro is one of the first things I bought online. for obiage and obijime the colors are set as white for an tomesode outfit. I finally got all of it. Well not all, if you go for a full outfit there is a little gold fan missing that you put into the obi. And sometime a little charm. The tomesode usually has 5 mon , mine has only the blank spots. If I ever have a mon I will be able to add it there. It shouldn’t be free , when wearing it outside.. but well, its not japan here 😉

For myself I wanted to dress up in the new kimono I traded for some hairpins and the newdsc00470kl dsc00469kl hakata obi I got. And I wanted to try for japanese style hair as well. some days ago I already practiced a bit and today I wanted to got with the whole assemble. The blue komon is synthetic or wool in a blue shade which is really hard to get right in pictures. The white hakata obi is made of synthetic, too. I matched it with pinkish accessorizes.
For my hair I watched some youtube tutorials to get the main points on how to do it. I don’t want the bows on the side to be to big and I used a ribbon to hide the rest of my bun. I think I did quite well, but m fizzy hair would need some wax to stay.

dsc00473kl dsc00471kl dsc00468kl

And in the end, all new Items together:

sou20160728x-195 sou20160805b-525 sou20160805b-595 sou20160826l-438 dsc00302bkl dsc00304bkldsc_0559.jpg



my new mannequin for dressing up

After weeks of already owning it , I introduce you to my new mannequin. I bought it for practicing kitsuke without having to dress me. And it is a nice decoration for the room. My plan is to change the outfit every week. In the FB Group there goes a challenge around called “kitsuke challenge”. The conditions a exactly what I’m planing. Dressing up me or the puppet every week.

I left out some weeks now, because I had a lot to do and lots of things are happening at the moment in my surroundings. But this is a kitsuke blog and I won’t tell to much about these private things here.

So here are the outfits I got so far.

Outfit 1 (week 28): light green awase homoungi with green maple leaves; silver fukuro obi with pastel chrysanthemum , pink obiage and obijme

dsc00067b DSC00066-kl

Outfit 2(week29): green ro kimono with scatered flower petals, red hiraki obi with swallows and light green ro obiage and white summer obihime, swallow wisteria han eri

dsc_0552 dsc_0550

Outfit 3(week 32): black.white furisode with red plums and cranes, gold-green fukuro obi, green shibori obiage + green obijime, red-yellow obiage with dark pink obijime

dsc_0559 dsc_0558

Outfit 4(week 36): blue hitoe kimono with instruments, silver nagoya obi with cords, yellow obiage and obijime

dsc00296b dsc00297b

Outfit 5(week 37): blue hitoe kimono with loooots of pattern, red flower arabesque hiraki obi, red-blue-yellow colored obiage and yellow obi jime, red chirimen haneri

dsc00299b dsc00301b

As you can see I had some trouble keeping up the outfits every week so far. But I started new now, hopefully with more success. The furisode you see on the pictures is not anymore in my possession. I do still love it very much, but I don’t see any opportunity that I will be able to wear it any more. I sold it to a friend. I still have one other furisode which I won’t be selling ever (I think). To many emotions are in that one.

New Items No. 24

So lately I have been quite busy with university and I was a bit lazy, too. I have not as many chances to wear my stuff as much as I did when I was living in Hamburg but I will try to post more. I have not updated my new stuff yet, so I will be doing this first. In my last auctions I won 3 lovely shigoki, two red and one vibrant green. Shigoki are translated with undersash. You wear it under the obi on top of the ohashori. Usually they use these with Kids when they have their 7-5-3-celebrartion but lately it got more popular with adults using one, too.


Next are two wonderful fukuro obi and one nagoya obi and a hiraki obi. The orange one is a summer obi, the weave is quite rough. The nagoya obi has cords on it, which was one point on my wishlist. For the silver fukuro I just thought , that is would fit quite nicely to my pink iromuji. For the red hiraki obi, there are swallows on it and they remind me of home. I just love it when they fly across the window while screaming. I’m happy we have them here in Braunschweig, too.

sou20160531e 195sou20151109b 573sou20160308n 288sou20160526l 736

Than I was able to get two new kimono. The blue one is a synthetic hitoe komon. It was a bit of a gamble if it would fit me, because it was a new seller and he did not have many length give about the size. The other one it a light green tsukesage. There are tachibana on it 😀 and its greeeeen.

20160518v 086 $_57

With the shoes I got lucky but I think this might be the last ones I buy for some time, Exception is a pair of light colored geta.

$_57 sou20151228p 133

And finally I got some nice yellow  and orange obijime  and a summer one as well as a padded one. The white-gold one it for my tomesode assemble. Tomesode are worn with white obijime and obiage

DSC_0257 DSC_0543 DSC_0426 DSC_0349

sou20151117c 270 sou20151116i 348 sou20151016i 536

This one I really got lucky. I was bidding on 5 obiage and won all. Well I sold one of them already, because it was the same as one of the others. But now I have multiplied my summer obiage by 3.

sou20160324n 049 sou20160324g 137 sou20160324g 113

When I look at all these items it seems a lot but I haven’t been updating properly since january . I think it is a good excuse, right.

I have been doing some outing , but I will write about them in a separate post. stay tuned.


color change

Last week a new package came with three obiage in it. It was a bundle , and what you always have is, one thing in the bundle isn’t what you want.  With this it was a , what I thought was a white obiage, late I saw it was very light shade of pink. Well, both colors I already got in my collection so I decided to dye it. It decided quite quickly on a berry color. Well , but dyeing just one little obiage seemed to me like a waste of color. I decided than to put a pair of white tabi, a white han eri , white old obi jime and a bra ( which looked ugly from washing it wrong). For me I was very curious which color which item would be in the end. I read before that silk tends to be get muted color when dyed and polyester types don’t take the color at all. Well the result you can see here :


The bra is not on the pictures but it turned into a dark violet. Totally different from the other shades you see here. But nice. As you can see on the pictures the tabi and the obi jime got the color like the dye promised. The haneri… well… a very light shade of purple. But the obi age turned it to purple berry and I’m really happy with that. What I wasn’t happy about, I had to clean the washing machine afterwards. All the dirt inside turned purple 😦

Okay than we have some new item, too, a yukata in indigo and a new hanhaba obi with rabbits on it :)and the other obiage from the bundle. The red-yellow one has silver threads on one half and gold threads on the on the other.

$_12sou20151229k 627DSC09843klDSC09839kl

My hand sewn iromuji

I wish everyone a happy new year. I hope you celebrated the upcoming year. It was an DSC09643interesting but stressful year for me. Just before Christmas I had the time to finish my long term project. The dark pink iromuji is really lovely and I can see that I get betting in attaching the lining. It is still far from perfect and I really hDSC09665ave to practice it more to make better ones, but only when I have time. With this iromuji I was planing on a mono color look. In order to achieve that I bought that plain obi and I already had a obiage and obijime that matched. I think with iromuji are one of the most versatile kimono type. First, it is much easier to find a matching obi , when there is just one color to match it with . And second, the is not much a DSC09671seasonality with them. With my dark pink one I can use a lot of light obi. I do have a lot of light obi, but also a lot of light colored kimono.

I tried a bit of kitsuke before Christmas. With my light purple iromuji and with my dark pink one. I did not use padding , so the kitsuke is not very clean… but well just the fun of it.

New Items Nr. 23

Itürkis_01 have been quite busy lately. University is taking a lot of time and I wasn’t able to do much with kimono. I also try to save a bit of money. Still I was able to buy a few things. Things I think I really need for my closet and for my soul. I bought one synthetic hitoe komon is nice bright colors. I liked sou20150810b 804that brightness and it had the right size for me. Than I bought a plain nagoya obi. It seems a bit boring but I found that the color is matching my current sewing project quite well. I’m planing a monochrome look. I already have matching obiage and obijime so now I only need to finish my sewing project. And last but not least I bought this light  knovd1186purple iromuji with one crest and embroidery. I asked the IG members about the embroidery. I was curious. Iromuji means single colored and most kimono that fall into this category are just single colored. But I have seen some declared as iromuji with embroidery. This were in the same color as the kimono it self. The IG members told me, that it is a kind of grey area. It is a mixture between iromuji and tsukesage , which is one formality level up. Which means for me now, I can wear it the way I like, dressing it down or up, depending which level I want to reach. I will be very happy to wear it.

Some weeks a go I went out with some friends to a japanese restaurant so I decided to dress up. I choose my yabane synthetic kimono, because I wanted to cycle and it with a bit rainy outside. It worked quite well I and the evening was very nice , too.

How a to short kimono bolt was turned into a haori

Some Months ago I was able to win a bit on a tsukesage bold with a light color and some nice paintings on it. But when it arrived I was very disappointed because there were 3m missing. The seller cut of the part with the front panel on whiDSC08577ch a beautiful picture of a No-actor would have been. I had an eye on the seller and several weeks later that part came up for auction. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to win the auction and so I had a fabric bolt at home which was to short. So I put the pieces together to see, if pattern would fiwpid-wp-1445875093362.jpgt for an haori. There was definitely enough fabric for that. I thought the whole thing looked a bit to boring so I decided to add some more pictures.
Well, that was easy said. I ordered some silk painting and a colorless gel for the lines, called gutta and some silk to practice. Gutta washed out a leaves just the silk as it was. On the right picture you can still see the lines, and on the left the gutta is washed out.wpid-wp-1445875073947.jpg

Well my first attempts were to as good as I would have liked them to be, but I got better and than I tired it on the fabric. I was a bit to fast sometimes but at the overall I’m quite pleased with the outcome. And than I started sewing. I hated the lining, I always hate it, but I the more often I sew it, the better I get. My next project is a iromuji kimono.

DSC09580 DSC09579

Samurai Tsukeobi

I got this really interesting fabric from an ebay seller, to which I couldn’t possible say no. When I sou20150420f 375got it, I was a bit disappointed, because it had a lot of major damage. There tears and cuts  and bad repairs. So in the end I made up my mind in to making a tsuke obi. For an Tsuke obi you Don’t need as much fabric  as you would need for a normal obi.  On the fabric you see three persons. One is close drawing a sword and another tDSC09248klrying to hold him back, or being protected by him. And another person with a long stick. That person has also a sword, bu not yet drawn it. The stick reminded me of the jo we use in Jodo, even so it is a bit to long for that. But seeing samurai and even one with a stick is really rare so, never the less a good find.
How I made the obi. First, I got one of my bought tsuke obi out , to see how DSC09249klthey have done things.  Than I found two parts int the fabric without tears, where the samurai are and cut them out as far as I could go. The rest I filled with DSC09251klthe blue checked patterned fabric also belonging to this. I tacked them together and add some padding for the stiffness. But I felt to thin so I got some thick fabric to put inside of it. Out of some old folder I made a plastic angel. The function is to hold the otaiko in place , so it won’t slip down wards. It is attached the otaiko and slides in the part that DSC09252klgoes round your hips. After that I finished the otaiko with some basting stitches , as to stay in form and here we go. The tsuke obi is ready to wear. I’m plaing to wear it for the Iaido European Championship Sayonara party. Yeah !

The Tomesode Project

Finally I took some photos of my tomesode. I ordered the fabric without knowing , if it would be DSC09246kl big enough for me to wear it. But when it arrived I was relieved that it had the right size. I fell in love with the design in the first place.  When I started sewing I realized that I would need lining. Tomesode always come with lining, if not summer weave like ro or sha. It is the third time I made something with a lining. That means it really takes me a loooooong time and I really hate it. But than I now I finished it and I’m quite pleaDSC09247klsed with the result. I’m looking forward to wear it , maybe for the theater next time. I only have to think about what to do with the empty spaces , were the mon suppose to be. Maybe embroidery something in it, just to fill it, until I know something better. 😉 A tomesode is one of the most formal kimono you can find. Usually when you start wearing a tomesode when you are married. Before that , you would wear a furisode, in very formal occasions like weddings. Now a days, furisode are mostly worn by coming of age ceremonies and getting married. If you see a wedding and you see people wearing tomesode , it is most likely the mother of the bride or some close relative.