Nisa-Con in Brunswick

2 Weeks ago here in Brunswick the little Anime Convention Nisa Con was held. I took part in it as Seller and in a Workshop. As seller I tried to sell my kanzashi there to get some extra pocket money. I need to save some money for the trips I’m planing next year. Well,  sold some but not dsc00220bas much as I hoped for. But it was still interesting and fun. My workshop was a kimono workshop . I told them a bit of the history of kimono and than everyone that wanted to could try to put an yukata on. I got some with me and most of the people were willing to try it. I wanted to them to try it them self under my instructions. I had some people helping out Anna and Rinni. I got some positive feedback afterwards and hopefully I created some new kimono addicted people 😉

And because I wanted to be a got example for a kimono wearer I put on one myself. It was a dsc00217b dsc00218breally hot weekend I  go my thinnest kimono out that I have. For the first day I choose one of my favorite kimono the kansai sha kimono.   I just love the color. As obi I decided to go for the orange fukuro obi. It is the only summer fukuro obi I have and the orange is just pale enough to go perfectly with my turquoise kimono. It has chinese bell flowers on it. For obiage I went with a pink ro obiage and a light turquoise obijime. As Kanzashi I just made a pink turquoise one with a small crane on it the night before. I was in such a hurry that I burned myself with the hot glue. But the kanzashi turned out really nice.

On the second day I wore the emerald green ro komon. It has a flower petal storm on it. As obi I dsc00221b dsc00222bwent for a dark bright pink hiraki obi with silver clouds. The obiage is just pale yellow and the obijime is light green summer weave. For both days I just an obi tool which makes it easier to put on the obi. Well easier if you are used to use it. But I wanted to use it , because than I had the feeling that it would be more secure. And I think it worked really well. Both pictures of the first and second day were take at the end of the day and my obi still sits perfectly. Only my ohashori is mad ad me. Due to the heat I did not use as much padding as I would need, and than my ohashori wrinkles…. damn hips.

It was still a nice experience and if everything works out fine with the timing next year, I will attend again.


Comic Con in Hannover

The next event I took part in was the Comic Con in Hannover. It was the first time in Hannover DSC00002-kland because it is very close to where I live, I went there. For that purpose I made a Dr. Who themed tsukuri obi. Yes, I made one, I ordered over a very lovely fabric shop in the US a Dr. WHo fabric which was just beautiful. The store give designer the chance to print their designs on fabric, paper or wallpaper and others can order it, too. The prices are not cheap but fair. The size of the fabric was not large enough to make it one obi, but I had a long time now some sample fabric of an obi lying around , which I wanted to turn into an tsukuri obi, too. And so I made a two-way tsukuri obi. Instructions will follow, when I have time to make the tables for it.

Now the outfit was that Dr.Who obi, a pale cream kimono and a fez. I wish I had more acceissiors matching the themDSC00018e, but I haven’t… but I was still very happy with the look. The comic con itself was small and there still some space left for booths to come. But I think it was nice, too. I bought one Jack Hackness POP! Doll and some japanese pottery bowls. And we saw a lot of amazing cosplays. I saw a lot of people walking around with fez and Dr. Who inspired looks AND I found two Doctors. YeY!

I think the Con will need some time to grow and attract more people, and I hope that they won’t give up so soon. I would be going there next year again, if they come !!!!

Japanese Culture Day in Düsseldorf

yes, it has already been a while now that the annual japanese culture day DSC09855was, but as I said before. I was quite busy lately.

I was not sure, if I would be going there this year, but two days before the weather forecast was quite positive about sunshine, so I got my kimono out of the drawer. I decided to wear a DSC09877 synthetic hitoe komon in turquoise with a pale pink nagoya obi a purple accessorize. I was quite pleased with my color choice. So I got up 5 o’clock in the morning to have enough time to get dressed and to catch my train. The whole journey to Düsseldorf takes 4 h 30min with one or two train changes from Braunschweig. During the journey the train got more and more full with anime kids, all wanting to go to Düsseldorf. I was happy to get a single seat. In the end, not people would fit in there any more two or three stops before the final stop.

The weather forecast did not lie about the sun. It was quite warm andDSC09875 when I got to the place where the celebrations were, it was full with people, which heated up the place even more. After 2h of waling around without fining my kitsuke friends I had to get some water. At that time I regretted to have not chosen the ro kimono.  But than I found one friend and they showed me were the others were. So now I was not alone anymore.

Together we walked of to the japanese shinto shrine in the japanese quarter of the city to chat DSC09861and calm down a bit. On the way we made a stop at a japanese grocery store and got some ice cream to go. And than it was already time to leave for me. I had to catch my train back quite early, because the back tour took even longer. In the end my second train had a delay and I was standing at a train station in nowhere for quite a while in the middle of the night. In that moment I did not regret my kimono choice and would have liked a jacket , because it got quite cold with out the sun.

It was all a very very long day but a very nice day. With new friends and nice weather.

Outfits of the last weeks

It is this time of the year again, when students have not much time due to examinations. AndBild_02 this time is now over. I had not many chances to wear kimono lately or to practice it. There was only one thing, the tribute party to athletes in our town for last years accomplishments. I decided to go there in kimono to attract some attention for our sport 😉 I choose the lavender colored iromuji and the sakura obi with silver threads. It was all very springish.

and last week my new pink iromuji arrived. Usually I’m not so much iBild_01nto pink but I really like that salmon pink. The color fits so nicely to a lot of obi I got and lately I’m more into pastels. This week I finally had time to try it on. I paired it with a sparkly beige, green blueish obi.

I haven’t bought much kimono stuff lately because I but a limit to my budget. I want to save money for the sport seminars this year, which will cost a lot of money. And I sold some things that I don’t wear or which don’t fit me. Well, yes , that happens, when the sell gets the measurements wrong or sometimes you get presents. Or sometimes it’s just an item you bought at the beginning of your collection, when you bought everything you could get your hands on and later you realize that it doesn’t suit you.

Hanami 2013

Yesterday we had an outing with our kimono club. We went to the museum because there was a little exhibition of Japanese old photography. Well, it was really little but the museum is big and there are several different exhibitions running at the same time. There is also one about Pixar and the artwork they do before making the movie. That was really interesting, tDSC06684oo. I have been to this museum before, but I was only using the library and haven’t seen the rest so far. I was once there for my old work as waitress in the so called “mirror room” because there was a banquet. So this time I was able to go for my personal interest. We were four people this time. I decided to wear a hakama with my new yabane kimono ( the arrow pattern is called yabane). The hakama DSC06790 is borrowed from B. I would have liked to wear the whole outfit with zori but the hakama was to short for that. When you wear zori with a hakama, the hakama needs to reach to the ankles at least. I have quite long legs a short torso. The hanhaba obi is tied in the same height as usual and it shows around 1-2cm on top of the hakama. That means I need a very long one, which is nearly impossible, if you don’t want to make it yourself. ( I might be doing that)

After the museum we went to the park to view the falling cherry blossoms. I was praying for good weather and someone must have heard me. It’s was quite chilly but the sun came out here and there. We could sit down and eat our bento and take lots of nice pictures. We had fun and I’m looking forward to the Japan Day in Düsseldorf. There will be huge meet-up this year of kimono fanatics, including me.

Hina Matsuri

Finally the first outing this year. It is the anniversary of my debut on kimono the Hina Matsuri in the Museum of folks art. My friend lily asked me and another friend to help _MG_5353DSC_0318 her again this year with the yukata photo station. I couldn’t say not to her. I do enjoy this kind of thing. We had quite some yukata to choose from. They were all our own ones. I was bringing three girls yukata and one men kimono including obi. And three from lily and her friend. I was a bit disappointed of the kids choice. The all wanted the black ones (or my pink one) but nearly no one wanted my strawberry or odori yukata. Well, what do I aspect from a lot anime kiddies. Despite the heat and the never ending line of people we had a lot of fun. Of course I did dress up in kimono. I wanted to wear my green hitoe komon for this event. I combined it with my pink cherry blossom obi, green obi jime and yellow shibori obi age. I had a lot of tick clothes underneath the set, because it was really cold. But while tying the obis of the yukata, it was too hot. For going outside I was wearing my brownish purple long haori. I don’t have a picture with the haori on, but of the rest of the set. Afterwards we all went in the Akari restaurant to eat. The other girls had nice outfits, too and I’m looking forward to the next meeting.

Winter Pattern

I created a new topic on the sidebar for kimono related information, which I might bring here now and then that are worth to keep in mind. For now there is only the seasonal motif with DSC05427autumn but I will extend it in future. If you have a question or something you want here to show tell me I will try to write a report.

I’m now presenting the seasonal motif for winter. Of course snow it a important one but also some animal like the mandarin duck or hawks. Then there is the most important Japanese festival of the whole year, the New Year days. There are some days off were you are suppose to relax and shake of the heavy thoughts of the old year and go refreshed and light weighted in the new. So what do you do, when you got nothing to do? Play games! The Japanese have some games from olden days that they keep as tradition for this New Year event. There is the card game hyakunin isshun, which got a poem on one card you have to find the other card with the picture (and name) of the poet. There is some kind of badminton, with wooden racket called oibane. You play ball with a special yarn ball called temari and play with a rotary. Of course you go as well to a shrine in a kimono and pray for the New Year. You can wear obi with good luck symbols like lobsters and treasure boats or other.
If you have a plum blossom on some of you pieces you can wear it from January on.
Of course, it will be cold, so either you have a really warm underkimono or you have a coat. There are some really nice capes or poncho like coats around, not so expensive. I got one for myself. Scarves are a not to underestimated utensil to keep yourself warm. Gloves, and really warm tabi are good to have, too. If you find some, there are winter geta with a fur lined cap to keep you tabi clean and dry and warm.

Link to the side Winter

one weekend two very different days

This week I had two events. One was with my kimono club and one was the Victorian Christmas market. I attended the kimono event only half of the time. The girls were going to a tea tasting DSC06013-2 lesson for Japanese teas and as far as I heard it was really interesting and they had lots of fun. I met them at the museum and walked with them to the restaurant. I didn’t attend the tasting, because of my new work at the Japanese tea brand aiya, were I have the possibility to drink lots of tea and the other reason was the money. At the Japanese restaurant we talked a lot aDSC06029-Kopiend ate a lot, too. I didn’t take a proper picture of my outfit and the group picture is blurry as well. Maybe next time. The Victorian Christmas market was a idea of a friend who was invited from a friend. She asked if we want to go there and dress up. Well I don’t own much Victorian looking clothes so I want for a more classic Lolita style. I borrowed the cloak from my friend, cause I don’t own one which fits. The market was a bit small and boring so we went to the normal Christmas market in town and took some pictures here and there.

Kimono and Taiko Concert

This week I organized a meeting with my friends to go to a taiko shamisen concert in Hamburg. I tried to bring more people to go with me, but in the end there were only three. Me and Lili had planned a meeting before but had to change our plans at the last moment. Instead I got a new student job at aiya , a green tea company. DSC05496-a
We went to an Japanese restaurant and had some nice katsu kare don ( Schnitzel with Rice and curry sauce) After that we had so much time that we did some nice kimono shoots and went around the shopping center until it got eve and we were abDSC05588le to go walk to the concert hall. We had lots of fun and it was freezing cold. For the autumn which is nearly gone I made some momiji kanzashi and a obi dome in the same style. The concert was really nice. I took some nice photos even from the last row. The tickets were quite cheap for something like this. All in all it was a really nice day and I had only little pain in my front toes from the zori.

halloween outing

DSC05427So now finally the weekend before Halloween has come. Yesterday was the “The Day of the open Door” in my Dojo. I don’t know how you call this in English, but it’s basically a day were we make a special program to show who we are and what we do and everyone can ask questions and talk to us. I think for the little marketing we did, we had a good number of people that came.DSC05304
At the same day my kimono club decided to make their Halloween outing. So I helped half of the day at my dojo and than left in the middle of it to change in to my kimono outfit and went out with the girls that came to pick me up.
For my outfit I decided to take a grey-violet striped meisen kimono with a orange Nagoya obi and green and orange obiage. On the obi I sewed black cats to fit the Halloween theme more. I made a white dotted han eri and wore a high collar blouse under it. Because I do like the “hime” style very much I tied the kimono a bit higher and put my lacy Victorian boots on. ( I really love them) I also bought a red bat hair clip.
So we went to a kaiten sushi place and afterwards to a cocktail bar. It was freezing cold but we had also something thick under the kimono to keep us warm.