New Items Nr.25 and Kitsuke challenge Nr.3 + 4

dsc00338klBeginning today with the two kitsuke challenge from last week ( Nr.38) and this week.(nr. 39) dsc00339klthese are the third and fourth week in a row. First we have this brand new cream colored synthetic hitoe komon, which just arrived in that week. It was still warm enough to wear hitoe. I choose the blue nagoya obi with falling momij. For the obiage I choose a pink chirimen with and dark red to light red gradation obijime. I would have liked the blue haneri a bit more bold in color, but I don’t have one.ย  The fabric of the kimono is quite thin and the pink juban I used is shining thru. I have to take that into account next time I use that komon.

For this week I wanted to use my only tomesode I have. I made it myself and love it. As for the dsc00458kl dsc00459klthe obi, I choose a very bold silver gold one. This fukuro is one of the first things I bought online. for obiage and obijime the colors are set as white for an tomesode outfit. I finally got all of it. Well not all, if you go for a full outfit there is a little gold fan missing that you put into the obi. And sometime a little charm. The tomesode usually has 5 mon , mine has only the blank spots. If I ever have a mon I will be able to add it there. It shouldn’t be free , when wearing it outside.. but well, its not japan here ๐Ÿ˜‰

For myself I wanted to dress up in the new kimono I traded for some hairpins and the newdsc00470kl dsc00469kl hakata obi I got. And I wanted to try for japanese style hair as well. some days ago I already practiced a bit and today I wanted to got with the whole assemble. The blue komon is synthetic or wool in a blue shade which is really hard to get right in pictures. The white hakata obi is made of synthetic, too. I matched it with pinkish accessorizes.
For my hair I watched some youtube tutorials to get the main points on how to do it. I don’t want the bows on the side to be to big and I used a ribbon to hide the rest of my bun. I think I did quite well, but m fizzy hair would need some wax to stay.

dsc00473kl dsc00471kl dsc00468kl

And in the end, all new Items together:

sou20160728x-195 sou20160805b-525 sou20160805b-595 sou20160826l-438 dsc00302bkl dsc00304bkldsc_0559.jpg




my new mannequin for dressing up

After weeks of already owning it , I introduce you to my new mannequin. I bought it for practicing kitsuke without having to dress me. And it is a nice decoration for the room. My plan is to change the outfit every week. In the FB Group there goes a challenge around called “kitsuke challenge”. The conditions a exactly what I’m planing. Dressing up me or the puppet every week.

I left out some weeks now, because I had a lot to do and lots of things are happening at the moment in my surroundings. But this is a kitsuke blog and I won’t tell to much about these private things here.

So here are the outfits I got so far.

Outfit 1 (week 28): light green awase homoungi with green maple leaves; silver fukuro obi with pastel chrysanthemum , pink obiage and obijme

dsc00067b DSC00066-kl

Outfit 2(week29): green ro kimono with scatered flower petals, red hiraki obi with swallows and light green ro obiage and white summer obihime, swallow wisteria han eri

dsc_0552 dsc_0550

Outfit 3(week 32): black.white furisode with red plums and cranes, gold-green fukuro obi, green shibori obiage + green obijime, red-yellow obiage with dark pink obijime

dsc_0559 dsc_0558

Outfit 4(week 36): blue hitoe kimono with instruments, silver nagoya obi with cords, yellow obiage and obijime

dsc00296b dsc00297b

Outfit 5(week 37): blue hitoe kimono with loooots of pattern, red flower arabesque hiraki obi, red-blue-yellow colored obiage and yellow obi jime, red chirimen haneri

dsc00299b dsc00301b

As you can see I had some trouble keeping up the outfits every week so far. But I started new now, hopefully with more success. The furisode you see on the pictures is not anymore in my possession. I do still love it very much, but I don’t see any opportunity that I will be able to wear it any more. I sold it to a friend. I still have one other furisode which I won’t be selling ever (I think). To many emotions are in that one.

Outfits of the last weeks

It is this time of the year again, when students have not much time due to examinations. AndBild_02 this time is now over. I had not many chances to wear kimono lately or to practice it. There was only one thing, the tribute party to athletes in our town for last years accomplishments. I decided to go there in kimono to attract some attention for our sport ๐Ÿ˜‰ I choose the lavender colored iromuji and the sakura obi with silver threads. It was all very springish.

and last week my new pink iromuji arrived. Usually I’m not so much iBild_01nto pink but I really like that salmon pink. The color fits so nicely to a lot of obi I got and lately I’m more into pastels. This week I finally had time to try it on. I paired it with a sparkly beige, green blueish obi.

I haven’t bought much kimono stuff lately because I but a limit to my budget. I want to save money for the sport seminars this year, which will cost a lot of money. And I sold some things that I don’t wear or which don’t fit me. Well, yes , that happens, when the sell gets the measurements wrong or sometimes you get presents. Or sometimes it’s just an item you bought at the beginning of your collection, when you bought everything you could get your hands on and later you realize that it doesn’t suit you.

Bonsai Days

Two weeks ago there was a Bonsai Show in Hannover, which was supported by the local DSC09011 DSC09010Japanese community. So I thought, let’s dress up and go there and have some fun. Well, it was nice, but way smaller than I thought. It was just the local Bonsai Club showing there, really nice, but only a few, bosai. Some otaiko guys were make music in a place, to small for such loud instruments. Never mind, for the next time I know better. My boyfriend warned me.
For my out fit. I went with my blue, gray momiji komon with a violett striped obi. To brighten it up I used a light green a pink obiage.

My Fair Lady Outing

Some weeks ago I went to a Musical to our Theater. It was “My Fair Lady”. I thought it might be a IMG_20150502_181418 DSC_0181good opportunity to wear kimono again. With some coordination help from some IG members I decided to wear my synthetic yellow-orangish homongi with my red gold fukuro obi. In the end I was really happy with outcome. Only the ohashori was driving me nuts, like always.
The musical was really lovely. we really enjoyed the show. The costumes were fitting and the stage was styled like in the old days. And I can say ” Es griin so griin , wenn Spaniens bliten blien.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hanami with out Flowers

Last weekend I was at a small hanami in Hannover , a town close to the place I live. There is a small japanese commuity there and they do it every year. It was the first time for me to go there. The weather was perfect for kimono. Not to warm and not to cold. The cherry blossoms were not open yet, but this year the flowers are all a bit late and the event I planed long before. It was really small, with some little shops, and some tables with handcraft things to try out, like origami , calligraphy , ikebana etc. There was even a small tea ceremonie place.
The place itself is a large meadow with 150 japanese cherry trees in the memorie of the bomb in hiroshima. It feels like a nice place to have a real japanese hanami. There were some people in cosplay and some in kimono. I met a kimono enthusiast like me. We agreed that we need a kimono group in our region. I hope she writes soon, so that we can make out meetings and maybe get other people to join our group. DSC08873

For my outfit I choose a chufurisode which I sewed myself. It has a cherry flower pattern. The obi is a nagooya obi I remade as tsuke obi in peach colors with cherry blossoms, a vibrant blue shibori obi age and a violett obijime. I was quite happy with the combination except the obiage, which should have been better in violett but I havn’t got one. So blue was the best choice.