Making some colorful haneri

During my semester I had the urge to make something. The time was limited so I had to do something that is not so big. I decided to draw some pictures on a haneri as practice before I start the big project. Embroidered haneri can b quite expensive. I had already ordered several white ones last year and I have a few colored one, too. I already shoe you what I have done last year with the ro haneri. Now most of the fabric is polyester. I started with some flower themed one:

The pictures next to it was the inspiration I took for the one I made. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to new designs, so I look for nice one on the internet and than copy it.

The next one is a two in one cat haneri.

You can use both sides. Which ever fits the purpose most.

The third one was bunny inspired one.

And the last one was bunny, too , but this time on a red background. I was curious how well the paint works on darker colors.

The colors I used where textile colors from javana. So far everything turned out quite well. I made a patter out of the original to trace the lines better under the fabric. This way I did not have to worry about lines which might not vanish when the colors is added. The colors are quite thick and can be annoying when you have to draw thin line. Putting water in it will make the color more smooth but at the same time it runs more when applied to the fabric like silk colors. So it all depends on you calmness and patience.
In future I will make more haneri but for now I’m busy with the big project and that will take a while. Not only big cause it is a lot of work but also because I won’t have much in the next months.


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