New Items No. 26

I know I have been absent for a long long time. The reason is always learning. The last semester I had a lot of work to do and until now I had to learn for the exams. And soon the next semester will start, too. That semester will be a lot of work as well. Slowly I’m close to the end and have to care of my bachelor thesis and where I want to work.

But I have been buying things. Not wearing much but buying always works. I got my self two new kimnono.. actually three, but one is just on the way. The yellow one is homoungi with camelia and fans. The dark one is made of oshima tsumgi, that is special weave type which can be quite expentive. It has flowers and leaves all over and look a bit like denim when you come closer. I wanted to add some more dark colors in to my kimono collection, because I have so many light colored obi and to many light colored kimono. I do like it when the obi stands out from the kimono.

I got myself a pair of light brown wood. I have three pairs of black and I always was looking for the light version. I replaced the straps with newer ones.

I got some new obijime,too. In the first pictures you see 4, they are not woven , they are sewing and filled with cotton. They are worn mostly by brides or by children (two of these are for children) nowadays but lately they are getting a revival.  And yes I got the same obijime three times just in different colors. Accidentally… I thought more people would bid. These are brand new, even came in a box and they have my zodiac on them, the tiger. The last one I just liked the colors. 🙂

And some obi. A beautiful dark blue one with flutes , plum, pine and bamboo on it. I love how the gold stands out from the blue. The purple one is for and Manga inspired look I’m currently working on. But that will take… more time. I’m just in the process of sewing it partly together and than I will start painting.

That’s it for the moment. When I pictures from the event I will post them here. But until than I will have to wait.


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