New Items Nr.25 and Kitsuke challenge Nr.3 + 4

dsc00338klBeginning today with the two kitsuke challenge from last week ( Nr.38) and this week.(nr. 39) dsc00339klthese are the third and fourth week in a row. First we have this brand new cream colored synthetic hitoe komon, which just arrived in that week. It was still warm enough to wear hitoe. I choose the blue nagoya obi with falling momij. For the obiage I choose a pink chirimen with and dark red to light red gradation obijime. I would have liked the blue haneri a bit more bold in color, but I don’t have one.  The fabric of the kimono is quite thin and the pink juban I used is shining thru. I have to take that into account next time I use that komon.

For this week I wanted to use my only tomesode I have. I made it myself and love it. As for the dsc00458kl dsc00459klthe obi, I choose a very bold silver gold one. This fukuro is one of the first things I bought online. for obiage and obijime the colors are set as white for an tomesode outfit. I finally got all of it. Well not all, if you go for a full outfit there is a little gold fan missing that you put into the obi. And sometime a little charm. The tomesode usually has 5 mon , mine has only the blank spots. If I ever have a mon I will be able to add it there. It shouldn’t be free , when wearing it outside.. but well, its not japan here 😉

For myself I wanted to dress up in the new kimono I traded for some hairpins and the newdsc00470kl dsc00469kl hakata obi I got. And I wanted to try for japanese style hair as well. some days ago I already practiced a bit and today I wanted to got with the whole assemble. The blue komon is synthetic or wool in a blue shade which is really hard to get right in pictures. The white hakata obi is made of synthetic, too. I matched it with pinkish accessorizes.
For my hair I watched some youtube tutorials to get the main points on how to do it. I don’t want the bows on the side to be to big and I used a ribbon to hide the rest of my bun. I think I did quite well, but m fizzy hair would need some wax to stay.

dsc00473kl dsc00471kl dsc00468kl

And in the end, all new Items together:

sou20160728x-195 sou20160805b-525 sou20160805b-595 sou20160826l-438 dsc00302bkl dsc00304bkldsc_0559.jpg




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