my new mannequin for dressing up

After weeks of already owning it , I introduce you to my new mannequin. I bought it for practicing kitsuke without having to dress me. And it is a nice decoration for the room. My plan is to change the outfit every week. In the FB Group there goes a challenge around called “kitsuke challenge”. The conditions a exactly what I’m planing. Dressing up me or the puppet every week.

I left out some weeks now, because I had a lot to do and lots of things are happening at the moment in my surroundings. But this is a kitsuke blog and I won’t tell to much about these private things here.

So here are the outfits I got so far.

Outfit 1 (week 28): light green awase homoungi with green maple leaves; silver fukuro obi with pastel chrysanthemum , pink obiage and obijme

dsc00067b DSC00066-kl

Outfit 2(week29): green ro kimono with scatered flower petals, red hiraki obi with swallows and light green ro obiage and white summer obihime, swallow wisteria han eri

dsc_0552 dsc_0550

Outfit 3(week 32): black.white furisode with red plums and cranes, gold-green fukuro obi, green shibori obiage + green obijime, red-yellow obiage with dark pink obijime

dsc_0559 dsc_0558

Outfit 4(week 36): blue hitoe kimono with instruments, silver nagoya obi with cords, yellow obiage and obijime

dsc00296b dsc00297b

Outfit 5(week 37): blue hitoe kimono with loooots of pattern, red flower arabesque hiraki obi, red-blue-yellow colored obiage and yellow obi jime, red chirimen haneri

dsc00299b dsc00301b

As you can see I had some trouble keeping up the outfits every week so far. But I started new now, hopefully with more success. The furisode you see on the pictures is not anymore in my possession. I do still love it very much, but I don’t see any opportunity that I will be able to wear it any more. I sold it to a friend. I still have one other furisode which I won’t be selling ever (I think). To many emotions are in that one.


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