Nisa-Con in Brunswick

2 Weeks ago here in Brunswick the little Anime Convention Nisa Con was held. I took part in it as Seller and in a Workshop. As seller I tried to sell my kanzashi there to get some extra pocket money. I need to save some money for the trips I’m planing next year. Well,  sold some but not dsc00220bas much as I hoped for. But it was still interesting and fun. My workshop was a kimono workshop . I told them a bit of the history of kimono and than everyone that wanted to could try to put an yukata on. I got some with me and most of the people were willing to try it. I wanted to them to try it them self under my instructions. I had some people helping out Anna and Rinni. I got some positive feedback afterwards and hopefully I created some new kimono addicted people 😉

And because I wanted to be a got example for a kimono wearer I put on one myself. It was a dsc00217b dsc00218breally hot weekend I  go my thinnest kimono out that I have. For the first day I choose one of my favorite kimono the kansai sha kimono.   I just love the color. As obi I decided to go for the orange fukuro obi. It is the only summer fukuro obi I have and the orange is just pale enough to go perfectly with my turquoise kimono. It has chinese bell flowers on it. For obiage I went with a pink ro obiage and a light turquoise obijime. As Kanzashi I just made a pink turquoise one with a small crane on it the night before. I was in such a hurry that I burned myself with the hot glue. But the kanzashi turned out really nice.

On the second day I wore the emerald green ro komon. It has a flower petal storm on it. As obi I dsc00221b dsc00222bwent for a dark bright pink hiraki obi with silver clouds. The obiage is just pale yellow and the obijime is light green summer weave. For both days I just an obi tool which makes it easier to put on the obi. Well easier if you are used to use it. But I wanted to use it , because than I had the feeling that it would be more secure. And I think it worked really well. Both pictures of the first and second day were take at the end of the day and my obi still sits perfectly. Only my ohashori is mad ad me. Due to the heat I did not use as much padding as I would need, and than my ohashori wrinkles…. damn hips.

It was still a nice experience and if everything works out fine with the timing next year, I will attend again.


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