Comic Con in Hannover

The next event I took part in was the Comic Con in Hannover. It was the first time in Hannover DSC00002-kland because it is very close to where I live, I went there. For that purpose I made a Dr. Who themed tsukuri obi. Yes, I made one, I ordered over a very lovely fabric shop in the US a Dr. WHo fabric which was just beautiful. The store give designer the chance to print their designs on fabric, paper or wallpaper and others can order it, too. The prices are not cheap but fair. The size of the fabric was not large enough to make it one obi, but I had a long time now some sample fabric of an obi lying around , which I wanted to turn into an tsukuri obi, too. And so I made a two-way tsukuri obi. Instructions will follow, when I have time to make the tables for it.

Now the outfit was that Dr.Who obi, a pale cream kimono and a fez. I wish I had more acceissiors matching the themDSC00018e, but I haven’t… but I was still very happy with the look. The comic con itself was small and there still some space left for booths to come. But I think it was nice, too. I bought one Jack Hackness POP! Doll and some japanese pottery bowls. And we saw a lot of amazing cosplays. I saw a lot of people walking around with fez and Dr. Who inspired looks AND I found two Doctors. YeY!

I think the Con will need some time to grow and attract more people, and I hope that they won’t give up so soon. I would be going there next year again, if they come !!!!


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