Japanese Culture Day in Düsseldorf

yes, it has already been a while now that the annual japanese culture day DSC09855was, but as I said before. I was quite busy lately.

I was not sure, if I would be going there this year, but two days before the weather forecast was quite positive about sunshine, so I got my kimono out of the drawer. I decided to wear a DSC09877 synthetic hitoe komon in turquoise with a pale pink nagoya obi a purple accessorize. I was quite pleased with my color choice. So I got up 5 o’clock in the morning to have enough time to get dressed and to catch my train. The whole journey to Düsseldorf takes 4 h 30min with one or two train changes from Braunschweig. During the journey the train got more and more full with anime kids, all wanting to go to Düsseldorf. I was happy to get a single seat. In the end, not people would fit in there any more two or three stops before the final stop.

The weather forecast did not lie about the sun. It was quite warm andDSC09875 when I got to the place where the celebrations were, it was full with people, which heated up the place even more. After 2h of waling around without fining my kitsuke friends I had to get some water. At that time I regretted to have not chosen the ro kimono.  But than I found one friend and they showed me were the others were. So now I was not alone anymore.

Together we walked of to the japanese shinto shrine in the japanese quarter of the city to chat DSC09861and calm down a bit. On the way we made a stop at a japanese grocery store and got some ice cream to go. And than it was already time to leave for me. I had to catch my train back quite early, because the back tour took even longer. In the end my second train had a delay and I was standing at a train station in nowhere for quite a while in the middle of the night. In that moment I did not regret my kimono choice and would have liked a jacket , because it got quite cold with out the sun.

It was all a very very long day but a very nice day. With new friends and nice weather.


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